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This tool provides information about your current IP address, including both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, your ISP, and your location.


Q: Why do I need to know my IP address?

A: Knowing your IP address can be useful for troubleshooting network issues, setting up network services, and accessing location-based content.

Q: Can I use this tool on any device?

A: Yes, this tool is compatible with all devices that have a web browser and internet access.

Q: Is my personal information secure when using this tool?

A: Yes, this tool only retrieves public IP address and location information. No personal data is stored or transmitted.

Q: How accurate is the location information provided?

A: The location information provided is based on the IP address and may not always be 100% accurate. It gives a general idea of your geographical location.

Q: Can I use this tool for commercial purposes?

A: Yes, this tool is free to use for both personal and commercial purposes.


To use this tool, simply visit the webpage and the information will be automatically retrieved and displayed.


Example usage: A user wants to check their current IP address to ensure their VPN connection is working correctly. They visit the tool’s webpage and see their IPv4 and IPv6 addresses displayed along with their ISP and location.


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